To get started with pandapower, just

  1. Install pandapower through pip:

     pip install pandapower
  2. Create a simple network

     import pandapower as pp
     net = pp.create_empty_network() 
     b1 = pp.create_bus(net, vn_kv=20.)
     b2 = pp.create_bus(net, vn_kv=20.)
     pp.create_line(net, from_bus=b1, to_bus=b2, length_km=2.5, std_type="NAYY 4x50 SE")   
     pp.create_ext_grid(net, bus=b1)
     pp.create_load(net, bus=b2, p_mw=1.)
  3. Run a power flow:

  4. And check the results:


But of course pandapower can do much more than that - find out what on this page!

Electric Modeling

Includes thoroughly validated equivalent circuit models for lines, transformers, switches and more.

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Power System Analysis

Supports power flow, optimal power flow, state estimation, short-circuit calculation and topological graph searches.

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Free and Open

Published under a BSD License and therefore free to use, modify and share however you want.

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